May 7, 2017

1540 Xbox One project introduction

All of the video game consoles I have covered on this blog so far have been older systems. Today that changes, since I'm beginning a series of posts covering the Xbox One revision 1540 console that I purchased last October.

After the success of the Xbox 360 Microsoft was optimistic going into the launch of the Xbox One. They ended up making a lot of bad decisions that allowed the PlayStation 4 to outsell the Xbox One. At $499 the Xbox One was expensive. The focus was on it being an all in one media device, which people didn't want. This of course mirrors the launch of the PlayStation 3 which focused a lot on media instead of games, and cost a lot more than the Xbox 360.

After enjoying Forza Horizon 3 on the PC I bought an Xbox One to play the other Forza games that were released on the console. I ended up buying the 1540 revision of the console, which was the first model to ship without the Kinect for a cheaper price. I was able to get a used console for just a little over $140 on eBay, which is a great deal on such a new console.


Here's a list of topics I'm planning to cover in no particular order:

  • Console teardown and reassembly.
  • Console cleaning.
  • Thermal paste replacement.
  • Powering the console with an external PC power supply.
  • Mounting the console in a PC case.
  • Water cooling.
  • Optical drive emulators (once they become available).

For an up to date listing of topics that I have covered, see my projects page.