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This is a new Multimode 3 (MM3) modchip for the PlayStation 1.

I use genuine Microchip PIC chips purchased from suppliers like Digikey or Mouser. Each chip is programmed and tested before being shipped.


MM3 modchips have a great set of features allowing the chip to be easy to install, compatible with pretty much all PS1 consoles, and compatible with all games.

  • Compatible with all PS1 consoles from the original SCPH-1001 through the slim SPH-101. There are a few exceptions though, so read the compatibility section.
  • Play game backups from any region.
  • Play genuine games from any region.
  • Works with all games, even anti-modchip games like Spryo 3.
  • Installation only requires 6-7 wires to be soldered. Read the installation section for more information.


MM3 modchips are compatible with most PlayStation 1 consoles, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Early Japanese SCPH-1000 (PU-7) boards don't support full stealth mode (meaning that anti-modchip games won't work). Use a Stealth 2.8a, or a PsNee chip instead.
  • PAL PSones (SCPH-102) systems won't be able to play non-PAL games with an MM3. There is additional region locking in the BIOS. You can either patch your backups to be PAL region, or use a chip that supports BIOS patching like the OneChip, or PsNee.
  • Later Japanese systems, starting some time during the SCPH-3000's, and everything after, won't be able to play non-NTSC-J games with an MM3. There is additional region locking in the BIOS. You can either swap the BIOS chip with one out of an American console, or patch your backups to be NTSC-J region.


I put together a comprehensive guide covering how to install MM3 modchips into every board revision of the PlayStation 1. The guide covers how to identify which board revision you have, and how to solder the chip into your board.

The guide is available on my website. Here's a subset of that guide explaining which board revision applies to each console model, along with links to the diagrams for each board revision.

  • PU-7
    • All SCPH-1000’s
    • Some early SCPH-1001, and SCPH-1002’s
    • Some early SCPH-3000’s
    • Some early SCPH 3500’s
  • PU-8
    • Most SCPH-1001, and SCPH-1002’s
    • Most SCPH-3000’s
    • Most SCPH-3500’s
    • All SCPH-5000’s
  • PU-16
    • All SCPH-5903’s
  • PU-18
    • All SCPH-5001’s
    • All SCPH-5500, SCPH-5501, SCPH-5502, and SCPH-5503’s
    • All SCPH-5552’s
    • Some early SCPH-7000, SCPH-7001, SCPH-7002, and SCPH-7003’s
    • Some early SCPH-7501’s
  • PU-20
    • Most SCPH-7000, SCPH-7001, SCPH-7002, and SCPH-7003’s
  • PU-22
    • All SCPH-7500’s
    • Most SCPH-7501’s
    • All SCPH-7502, and SCPH-7503’s
    • Some early SCPH-9000, SCPH-9001, SCPH-9002, and SCPH-9003’s
  • PU-23
    • Most SCPH-9000, SCPH-9001, SCPH-9002, and SCPH-9003’s
  • PM-41
    • Earlier SCPH-100, SCPH-101, SCPH-102, and SCPH-103’s
  • PM-41 (2)
    • Later SCPH-100, SCPH-101, SCPH-102, and SCPH-103’s


There are two configuration options when ordering a modchip.

  • Region: which region your console is. Chips are programmed to work for specific console regions.
  • Wiring: whether you want the chip to come with wires attached or not. If you select to have wires attached the chip will come with a ~12" 30 AWG wire soldered to each pin.


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I'll ship your order within one business day (Monday-Friday) of payment. Shipping is done through USPS. There are several USPS shipping options available on checkout.

Note that certain types of orders may take longer. For example, large quantities of chips.

Support & Returns

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I'll help you troubleshoot any problems you may have.

If you happen to receive a defective chip and you can't get it working even after I help you then I can either send you a replacement chip, or send you a refund.